Dialog for Recovery

Dialogue for Recovery is a Mental Health America program aimed at educating consumers about prevalent mental health conditions, treatment options and quality of life issues affecting their recovery. This program is also designed to enhance communication between consumers and their health care providers so that consumers can find the right combination of medications and support services to develop effective treatment plans.

Why is there a need for Dialogue for Recovery?

Mental Health America developed Dialogue for Recovery to raise awareness of the need for regular communication between patients and doctors about medication side-effects.Although recent medical advances and improved community support programs offer consumers a greater opportunity than ever to lead full and productive lives, many consumers discontinue their medications, particularly antipsychotic medications, because of unpleasant side effects. Discontinuing medication is a serious concern, especially for those people with schizophrenia, because it increases a consumer's risk of a relapse of illness.

What are the components of the Dialogue for Recovery program?

The Dialogue for Recovery Web site features tools to open up communication with healthcare providers. It gives consumers the information they need to educate themselves about treatment options, paying for care, and getting the most from their treatment. The website also links to an interactive screening tool to assess for such conditions as depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders.

For more information, check out Dialog for Recovery. http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/go/dialogueforrecovery