Real Lives

To change the perception of mental illness we need all do our part. If you struggle with mental health issues you can help too. We encourage you to tell your own story.The truth is that mental illnesses are real, common and treatable and the best way to end misunderstanding and encourage research is to hear the real stories of real people affected by mental illness.
Real Lives is a new and unique online community created for you to make yourself heard. This anonymous, inclusive forum finally gives you the opportunity to connect with others facing similar struggles. Whether your journey towards recovery has been successful or you are just taking your first steps, we encourage you to take a look through our posts and share your own story. Sharing one’s own experiences through writing or talking is an important stage of recovery. Just as individuals are supported by reading the thoughts and experiences of others, they can also be the person that helps lift another.
By speaking out, you can break the pain of silence and touch the lives of others. In doing so, you can empower others seeking wellness and recovery.
So join in—and tell your story. Go to :
You can change a life and even save one.