Darlene Meddock awarded 2015 Virginia Blend Award

Darlene Meddock received the 2015 Virginia Blend award for her Outstanding Contributions to Mental Health at the Annual Banquet on Jan. 21, 2015.
Not a mental health provider but a community person, Darlene’s commitment to mental health began in the early ‘80’s as a member of the Great Falls school board. She not only had a passion for education but also for mental health for children. Darlene was instrumental at that time in bringing the Community Intervention Program to Great Falls. That program changed our culture as and we began teaching teachers, students and community members how addictions affect our lives. Her commitment to education and drug and alcohol prevention continued for the next 30 years with service as the Community Connections CARE Coordinator, Community Care Team, acting as a group facilitator with GFPS CARE program and a parent support group for PRIDE. Darlene was active in helping Alliance for Youth get its feet on the ground.

In 1997 Darlene joined Mental Health America of Great Falls. With the exception of 4 years Darlene was the MHAGF treasurer and conference/workshop financial chief officer. She oversaw 15 conferences and workshops with a strong work ethic, superior organizational skills and tight fist on our budget. Darlene’s volunteer hours for the past 18 years are a testament to her commitment to mental health. Congratulations to Darlene Meddock.