Legislation News

NAMI's national report on "State Mental Health Legislation 2015: Trends, Themes and Effective Practices" was just released today. Montana's specific legislative achievements were highlighted in 17 of the 23 appendixes.Read the full article at: http://www.nami.org/About-NAMI/Publications-Reports/Public-Policy-Report...

Here is a list of the appendices our efforts were specifically highlighted in.
• Appendix 1: State Mental Health Budgets
• Appendix 2: Medicaid and Medicaid Expansion
• Appendix 3: Health Insurance Parity
• Appendix 4: Workforce
• Appendix 5: Telehealth
• Appendix 7: Children and Youth
• Appendix 8: School Mental Health
• Appendix 9: Inpatient Care
• Appendix 10: Crisis Response
• Appendix 11: Civil Commitment and Court-Ordered Treatment
• Appendix 12: Criminal Justice
• Appendix 13: Juvenile Justice
• Appendix 15: Suicide Prevention
• Appendix 16: Housing and Employment
• Appendix 17: Confidentiality and Family Involvement
• Appendix 21: Stigma Reduction
• Appendix 22: System Improvement and Planning

Thanks to the Montana Legislature, Governor Steve Bullock, Montana's mental health advocates, and the entire NAMI Montana family for this monumental effort to improve multiple facets of the mental illness treatment system.

It's truly remarkable how this movement is picking up steam.

Thanks for all you do to help improve the lives of Montanans who live with mental illness and their families!


Matt Kuntz
Executive Director

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